what happens to the scene when the other PnP gets out of control
by TopBanana August 25, 2007
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Poo and Pee, or Pee and Poo. Definition is dynamically generated depending on which comes out first. Can be used while chatting and a bathroom break is needed.
Hold that thought for a moment. I need to PNP. BRB!
by arnab July 27, 2005
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Please, No Pictures. Used when a post is made where you absolutely do not want to see what is being talked about.
Jim: "I'm thinking of shaving my pubes.."

Bob: PNP!
by Onedee Tentee March 30, 2005
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Panties Not Possible

In a situation when you observe a woman who is wearing jeans that are noticeably tight and low, eliminating any possibility for panties to be present (for the simple lack of space).
Dude, I was in the club checkin this hottie with some pnp, I practically saw her badge, it was unreal!
by hellyea September 25, 2005
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two pretty best friends with WAGONS and MILKERS who vape, eat, and sunset watch through life. don’t fuck with them when they are hangry, nic sick, or ever. Pussy and Penis or Priscilla and Preeya.
Bro did you see PnP, they are literally dressed in pajamas but they are so hot.
by rillathegorilla January 23, 2021
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Post Nut Piss, when you have to piss after sex or masterbation.
After me and stacy did it i had to get that PNP out of my system to make sure my pipws didnt get clogged.
by Alrayjr May 06, 2020
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