"Party and Play" ... "party" means drugs, often meth (crystal/tina) or E, "play" means sex. Usually leads to long, chemmed-up sex sessions. Usually seen in chat room or ads.
SWM, 28, 6'2", 185#, 43c,32w, 8 cut, looking for some PnP with some nasty chicks
by redleft123 February 28, 2004
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Seen most often in the gay community, slang for Party n' Play. Party refers to drug use- most often meth (tina, ice, crank) but sometimes ecstasy (E, XTC, Adam) cocaine (coke, blow, ski, snow), or poppers as well(though the latter is not generally considered a PnP item. Play refers to sex. PnP is considered a scene in itself- sex and drugs.
U into PnP?
Na, man, I don't touch that shit.
by thezacinthehat August 20, 2006
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Used in chat rooms as the adreviation for "Party and Play". To meet have sex and alcohol or other drug.
Lets meet tomorrow at 2pm for PnP.
by Bill Goode August 2, 2003
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Usually referring to computer peripherals.
Stands for Plug And Play, and means that this device don't need drivers (ie: extra software) to run properly.
this external dvd-recorder is PnP.
by basiloungas March 19, 2006
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Progressive couple looking to share sexual experience with another female PNP friendly welcome
by Tashmanian devil August 20, 2017
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Acronym for Team Pot 'n' Pray, a collection of generational poker talents, previously known as NGT for reasons best left unsaid. Comprised of "GenS," aka "Usain Bolt;" "GenB," aka "Punts with A2h2h," aka "Punts with QQ," aka "I have 4d4d," aka "MAWG;" and "Pio," aka "Retired from Poker," aka "Top Data Analyst," PnP laid waste to the NC live poker scene beginning in 2018.

Villains included RDP&B (Team Run Deep, Pure, and Bink), TOAD (Team on a Draw), and others, but none proved too great of a matchup for the brilliance of the PnP thinktank. Legend has it PnP has taken a combined 6 figures off of the NC tables in its first year and a half of operation, with that number planning to grow well into the future.

Word eventually got out about NGT's success, so PnP was incorporated around the time it took on its first mentee, "Punts with AK," aka "Punts with most holdings," aka "Matthew Berkey Jr.," aka "Marblehead, Not the Town." Expansion plans are in the works for 2019 and beyond. Watch out Nick Vertucci.
"All in."
"I have the nuts, ul."
"Fucking PnP...I should have known."

"All in."
"I was bluffing, you're good."
"I know, I called you with bottom pair."
"Fucking PnP...how do they always know?"
by 69ghandi69 April 21, 2019
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