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When u use a piece of wood and hit someone with mainly annoying and stupid people
Yo Let’s go plunking. I know who to plunk
by KADONKY August 18, 2018
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teqnique for curly hair. place a towel or shirt on a low flat surface(bed chair toliet seat cover) place wet hair that has product in it and slowly lower hair onto cloth with top of head resting on the hair. pull end of shirt to back of neck and then twist the sides and tie in the back. (kind like wearing a turban) leave on head for atleast 15 minutes. the blow dry with with diffuser attachment
audrina had beautiful curls today i heard shes plunking her hair now.
by jaslenesmama June 03, 2009
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Plunking is the act of fisting another untill they pass out its kind of like skerplunking.
Harry:Hey bill I heard you were "plunking." with your girlfriend lastnight.

Bill: yeah she passed out within 15 mins.
by KingPlunker September 15, 2011
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The act of penetrating the nasal passage by way of appendage, most commonly a finger, for sexual stimulation.
The sex was great, but the plunking is what really got me off!
by Lil Miss Red April 19, 2010
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Plunking is the bizarre, very new fetish where a man, over a great deal of time and practice, stretches out his scrotum skin to the approximate size of a small poncho, and wraps it around another person to keep them warm.
"Carl decided to treat his lover Fernando to a special experience for their fourth anniversary. Tonight, he would perform Plunking on his hot Latin lover, and envelope him in the warm, veiny poncho of their love."
by Waterless October 26, 2005
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first you make a person bend over a diving board, then you proceed to fuck them in the ass while you hold your self up with your arms on their lower back. If the diving board is low enough it looks like you're standing on water
Devin and I were plunking for hours last Tuesday, my ass and back were so sore, but he was so excited that it looked like he was standing on water.
by DIck adams May 23, 2015
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