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During a game of beer die, a successful toss of the die into an opposing team's beer cup resulting in the consumption of the remaining beverage.
Yo, you've been plunk'd bitch! Drink up!
by Chris Collett August 21, 2006
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1. To spend a large amount of money at once.

2. To sit down suddenly.

3. To hit something or someone hard with an object.
1. I can't believe you plunked down that much money for that car!

2. Plunk yourself down right here next to me.

3. The teacher plunked the boy on the head with his backhand before he could lift up the girl's skirt.
by CHOK June 25, 2006
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That Nick McKenzie, you know, the one who lives on South Beach and drives an Audi TT.., anyway, he really loves to plunk gay men who hang out with his wife.
by John March 02, 2004
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to send a text message (usually with a picture, mms) of yourself (preferably while) pooping. Usually nothing explicit, ideally it's discreet enough to draw the reader in and actually open the image and possibly even zoom in to see what's going on.

Named for the fact that when you drop one, you make a plunk sound.
sent a picture of my shoes with my pants around my ankles accompanied with the message "YOU GOT PLUNKED BITCH"
by Bleedscarlet October 17, 2010
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Sound a landmine makes in the PS3 game Warhawk when you stick it to something. Annoying way to piss of co-workers and family is to walk into a romm and yell "PLUNK, you're all dead," and run out of the area.
Son: "Mom, can you help me with this homework?"

Mom: "PLUNK, your dead bitch!" (as she runs away.)
by alawiscious April 03, 2008
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a small sample of dried semen within the urethra, just below the japs eye causing temporary multi-directional urination
Eee had just pulled one off over Susan Boyle again but at his age his 'come muscles' were not what they used to be and his jizz just dribbled out. An hour later and busting for a post come piss, he went to the bathroom but a 'plunk' meant he manged to not only pee in the bowl but up the curtains and on the floor simultaneously.
by the testicle team November 27, 2013
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When a can of hairspray slips into an anus.
"Aaron totally sat down and did plunk"
"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah WHEY!!!!"
by Wilfred Foo March 05, 2008
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