While someone is sleeping, you place your asscrack on their nose, and fart.
Dude, I plunged the shit out of that bitch last night!
by BuffDaddyJay March 9, 2011
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The act associated with the bottom of your scrotum clapping the outer walls of the vaginal opening.
Devante Cornelius : Hey man, how was last night?
Jamaal Blackburn: Oh boy, I plunged deep into her walls
by master appleby December 23, 2016
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To Plunge (intr. verb)

1. To give someone an abortion using a plunger; to push at plunger-like object into a woman's vagina (whether or not she is actually pregnant) woman who are considered easy or slutty are usually the targets of plunging

2. To remove a fat deuce from a toilet using a plunger
"FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS! This is for your child! I shall plunge thee!"

"Dude when you accidentally got Mackenzie in the crotch with your crutch, you totally plunged her."

"She just couldn't cut it as a mother at 16 so she had to be plunged."

"I just dropped the biggest log I've ever seen. I was in the bathroom plunging for hours."
by theCripple101 April 22, 2009
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To masterbate, to be more specific when you can hear noises whether or not your using lotion or lube.
Lets all have a plungin party, I'll supply the lube
by Eric December 4, 2004
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V.Sticking the male penis into an upright vagina and going in a downward motion as to simulate a plunging motion
by Fat nigga JJ July 10, 2004
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Thong. Dates back to 2004. When a group of girls go to buy a thong as a joke, they refer to it as "Taking the Plunge".
"I'm wearing my pink Plunge today."
by Curly October 8, 2004
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Pussy lungs. The act of coughing after a drag on a hookah
Chris has massive Plungs.
by Plungs Master July 17, 2011
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