A lover of the male reproductive organ. A penis lover.
Oh, Chris has the hots for Ben. He's such a plover.
by chaseburgala August 14, 2009
I spent all night drinking Yukon Jack and Guiness and came back totally plovered
by El Gigantor March 31, 2006
When you're having sex in the snow, and your pubes get very icy.
"Shit man i hate winter, snowy plover hurts!"
by Samuel Sanudo June 6, 2015
A winged avian piece of shit, which due to a its lack of survival skills has naturally selected itself straight onto the endangered species list. By doing so, a variety of extremist animal protection and conservation groups have ensured that anytime one of these fang bearing, disease carrying, good for nothing creatures decides to lay nest and make babies on a beach, that beach gets closed down to people for weeks and months on end, regardless of the beaches popularity. Luckily there are a few organizations such as PHUK Plovers, (of Cape Cod, MA) which are fighting the good fight against these piping pukes.
Piping Plovers taste like lobster. PHUK Plovers!
by CapeRoughRider June 24, 2010
Parents that never control their kids and then blame or attack others if they're hurt or in trouble. ( plovers are an Australian bird who let their chicks roam freely and violently swoop anyone that comes near)
This kid just ran straight into me and his crazy plover mother started screaming at me like I'd hurt him deliberately.
by Dutchy70 September 13, 2019
Literally translated as "Please Help Us Kidnap Plovers," is an organization of elite bird capturing kidnappers which was formed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but has since become a global phenomenon. Tasked with saving our beaches from closure due to the occasional presence of an endangered shorebird, the piping plover, PHUK Plovers is reclaiming our beaches to the people, one plover at a time. PHUK Plovers by visiting phukplovers.com.
"Have piping plovers kept you from enjoying the beach? PHUK Plovers... and the problem's solved!
by CapeRoughRider June 24, 2010
Noun - When you think you see a golden ostrich from a far but on closer inspection the guy is not hot.
by piplpower November 6, 2010