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piping is another word for smash or sometimes even bang
harry: what did you do last night
marv:i was piping my girl
by That.lxghtskin December 19, 2019
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to give oral intercourse to a male (where the penis is being compared to a pipe); or in common laymen terms: to give a blowjob!
Anne was piping me in the toilets; she's the only woman ever giving me a blowjob!
by Fukaface! November 09, 2010
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Scots slang: It means to act in an aggressively manner in order to goad people into a fight.
I got into a scrap doon the town centre the day, some wee bam wis pure piping up to me wanting a fight.
by KrissyH909 February 01, 2020
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The sexual act also known as a blowjob. Best given by 19yr old scouse women.
She was piping me off for ages last night
by B_M March 31, 2006
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To smoke an illegal drug, specifically heroin.
"If I started piping again, then I'd let everyone down, and I just can't do that."
--Pete Doherty
by Michael Procton January 30, 2008
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