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Bukharian food mainly consisting of rice, chicken or beef, vegetables, and spices
Plof originated in Uzbekistan and spread by the famous polonov family throughout the world
Reuven: hey buchi whats good
Bool: nothing much just enjoying my plof u feel me
Reuven: Word bool shit looks lit
by illAmir October 11, 2016
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It can be defined.

1.) A plof is the act of farting when someone is sucking your dick.

2.) plof
Ex. - Normally I wouldn't let Angelina Jolie suck my dick. But I would if she were being fucked by Brad Pitt; but, I'd still plof her.
by enbediz April 01, 2010
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Plof can not be defined.
Jim said, "Yeah man, I totally plofed that chick." To which
Tom responded, "Plof."

(Jim incorrectly uses the word, which causes Tom to correct
his usage of the word by using the word himself.)
by John Berge April 01, 2007
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