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A word when at first had no definition, merely created to avoid numerals. But as PLEP evolved, and extensive research was done it's been assosiated with pwning noobs as far back as 2000.
What the plep is a plep!

That pleppin' plep just pleped me in the plep!

by PLEP! October 11, 2010
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PLEP stands for: Peace Love Eggplant. Initially started at Mysteryland USA 2014 music festival as a means of identifying members of a popular group, this phrase and related iconography spread far enough to be included in official merchandise for ML and other festivals. The movement, a tongue-in-cheek but loving play on the PLUR phraseology oft associated with rave culture, symbolized comradery and pioneership as this phrase began at the first US occurance of this festival. Combining the untested nature of this festival in the US with the rich global history of Mysteryland (the longest running festival of its kind) and the fact that it was to be the first camping music event on the grounds of the original Woodstock festival since those days, there was a sense of history-making that propelled the solidification of PLEP and the eggplant bird symbol into a somewhat revered cultural icon within music loving circles. Original Mysteryland eggplant or PLEP merchandise (pins hats etc) garner a great deal of money from collectors. Several pieces are featured prominently in the Woodstock museum. PLEP culture is predicated on a love of music, a pioneering spirit, an open mind for people of all walks of life and an appreciation for the absurd.
Solitary festival goer: Oh no I forgot to bring batteries for my flashlight . I can't see anything in my tent.

Person camping nearby: For the love of PLEP I gotchu. Here have some batteries.

First person: Oh wow thanks man. Here have this PLEP sticker I made. I gave one to Dillon Francis and he's been wearing it to all of his sets. Apparently eggplants are popular

Passerby: Did you ever doubt it? Hush the PLEP gods may hear. By the way can I get one of those beers my eggplant bro? I'm out of birdie bucks.
by Birdiebuddies January 26, 2017
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