When there are holes in the blunt and one must use their fingers to cover them up for a good hit.
Damn Chris, I’m over here playing the flute because you put holes in the blunt while rolling it.
by Bargertron December 8, 2018
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Girl: Got any plans for tonight?
Guy: Not much, probably just playing the flute solo, if you know what I mean.
Girl: Want to make it a duet?
by "Nasty" Nate April 6, 2008
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For a girl or guy to suck cock until her/his partner shoots his cum.
Ms. Celentano gives great head. She really can play the flute and swallow the music!
by pentozali August 28, 2006
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Another way to say, sucking a chode. comes from the simple retarded ass english language.
Kid: what's that girl doing?
Adult: Oh, she's just playing the chode flute.
by pudgums June 26, 2009
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