Codename for smoking Marijuana; The act of smoking Marijuana.
Quin: Eric, what are you doing tonight man?
Eric: Just planning on playing golf without my parents knowing.
Quin: That's tight! Don't get caught!
by Eric Swagner June 2, 2011
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1. To highlight how the opinion/statement made by other party ruled out the obvious consequences or alternatives.

Traul: Bale is the best football player

Baks: Ah so Messi is playing golf huh
Traul: You should take her to the 5 star restaurant

Baks: Ah so I guess my finance is playing golf
Traul: let's go out on Thursday!
Baks: ah so my exams on friday is playing golf
by Brucecane December 6, 2019
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Sexual term, means you can use any hole you want for sexual purposes.
"I'll let you play golf, any hole you want."
by Craig Addams August 11, 2006
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The single worst roast you can recieve.
Jacob: ur mom gay
Me: shut the fuck up you play golf
Jacob: *dies*
by GravityIsUp March 22, 2018
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the words donald trump (cheeto puff's) management team told him so he wouldn't have a fit when he found out he didn't win
by criminalmindsfan32 November 9, 2020
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Refers to a clean to-do list or a lot of free time
Hey boss I am going to send out these emails to the client and then I am going to go play golf. Do you have any other things for me to do today?
by linguistiky February 25, 2010
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Blake: Hey, you want to play golf this weekend?

Smedley: Yes. My wife is out of town. When the cat's away, the mice play golf.
by jbarryd June 22, 2012
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