2 definitions by Brucecane

Pussy Ass Nigga. When someone is being soft or being a wimp about something/get too much into their feels.
Drake:i love you be mine forever

21 savage:U ISSA P.A.N
by Brucecane July 8, 2017
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1. To highlight how the opinion/statement made by other party ruled out the obvious consequences or alternatives.

Traul: Bale is the best football player

Baks: Ah so Messi is playing golf huh
Traul: You should take her to the 5 star restaurant

Baks: Ah so I guess my finance is playing golf
Traul: let's go out on Thursday!
Baks: ah so my exams on friday is playing golf
by Brucecane December 6, 2019
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