Cheeto puff.

The current president of the United States, since 2016. Brings darkness and pain, and uses Twitter as an outlet for his immaturity. Fun fact! President Puff has a tumbleweed for hair.
"President Cheeto Puff has officially made America greasy again."
by A Whole Rat™ January 13, 2019
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An arrogant racist orange man who is now the president of the United States, a.k.a. Donald J. Trump.
Person A: Hey, you know who won the election?
Person B: Yeah, the Bloated Cheeto Puff.
by OfficerHaught November 13, 2016
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A Cheeto puff that seems normal on the outside but once you take a bite out of it it tastes disgusting and like pee. It’s hard to swallow without throwing up and is extremely rare.
by Quackingallday October 15, 2020
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That one guy from that one video that explains the whole fnaf lore
Chester the Cheeto Puff is my dad
by me the 2.0 February 6, 2022
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