1. A phrase commonly used in the Bay Area when describing someone who is just not paying attention.

2. It's almost like that spaced out look a drummer makes when they're playing.

3. That look a person makes when they're daydreaming.
This guy is not smart. He's at a green light but he's not driving through the intersection. Dude, he must be playing drums right now.
by Adub408 July 9, 2018
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When you have three girls on their hands and knees in front of you, naked, ready to take it. You can pick any girl you choose at any time, and can smack all their asses, sort of like playing a very sexual drumset.
Bob: Hey, you see those three girls over there?

Tom: Yeah, they're hot!

Bob: Yeah, when i take them home later, i'm gonna be Playing the Drums!
by sandyclam August 14, 2011
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The act of masturbating whilst sitting in a parking lot
Campus Police officer: Sir, what are you doing here with your penis out?

John: hey officer, just playing the air drums .
by Genitalien October 18, 2020
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