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The act of upsetting someone, as seen in the popular Paul Blart posters "Don't Plarp his Bees!"
To become Plarped is to enter a state of distress, with levels of plarpage ranging from 0 (fine) to 10 (an intense buzz). Some usage: To plarp, to be plarping, to have been plarped, to engage in holy plarpage.
"My brother deleted my pokemon savefile. I had spent my entire LIFE on that! So plarped right now. FML."
by Doitsuki December 29, 2015
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A "plarp" is the noise that occurs when a person with a fat, saggy booty plops themself into a chair and farts.
Laqueefa's plarp made the people in the surrounding seats leave the area.
by Lil' JuJu June 16, 2011
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The sound made as feces is released into a pool of liquids
Man i dropped a load and it plarped at the bottom splashing water on my anal hole.
by Uncle Malow March 18, 2003
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