otherwise known as Platano, or Plantain. It is a fried banana commonly eaten in South America and the like but is enjoyed around the world. May people are under the misconception that it is pronounced Plan-Tain. It's not. that's like saying Moun-Tain.

Me: You idiot, Plantain are pronounced Plan-Tin, not Plan-tain, that's an Americanism like Monies. You don't say Moun-Tain, or Cap-tain do you?
by Mr. Manners Man April 12, 2007
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1) A very small penis that is called such because it resembles a plantain which is a small replica of a large banana much like a small cock is a small replica of a larger average sized cock.

Usually used to insult someone about their baby dick.
1) When John told us that an average Trojan was too big for him, we proceeded to insult him about his plantain.

2) One would normally expect Italians to have stereotypically large dicks, which is why John's plantain was especially hysterical.
by Wobo King June 15, 2009
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Looks like a banana, tastes like a potato. Usually fried or in chip form.
"Is that a banana?"

"Nah homie it's a plantain, try one"
"It tastes like a potato, how deceiving"
by rvggedterrvin June 30, 2015
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Women that has both Hispanic and White origin.
Yo the Plantain lowkey got a fat ass!
by jav money cash March 04, 2017
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A tiny banana, often referred to as a small penis.
Chris Patriani's plantain got caught in the drawer again today.
by Lichmorg August 21, 2009
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Johnny: You guys can play hide the plantain another time, you need to stay focused on your training.

Miguel: Yes Sensei Lawrence
by Burdac January 11, 2021
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