Spanish for Plantain, a starchy relative to the banana that's used in carribean cooking. Never eaten raw.

In the southwest US, this the word used to describe ordinary Bananas.

Also used as an insult to refer to Dominicans, especially to call someone a "come platano" (platano eater).
Platanos are good when sliced into chips and fried.

Pedro Martinez is a Platano.

Sammy Sosa es un "come platano".

"In Santo Domingo, all that grew was platanos so that's all we ate. We ate platanos with sugar for breakfast, platanos at lunch, and platanos for dinner."
by h0mi May 28, 2004
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a word to describe a Dominican ussualy a male, because Dominicans eat alot of platanos
Sammy Sosa is a Platano
by LaDyb May 22, 2005
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Spanish for banana-like fruit called plantain. Its slang use is as a word for dick, penis, or cock.
Yo meti mi platano en la maldita prostituta. I stuck my dick in the bad prostitute.
by poopskie January 6, 2009
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Used to describe a Dominicans dick since they are pretty well known for the "big cocks" or "mandingos"
"Damn ashley, you know Moisse has a platano?"
by kristin April 5, 2005
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Derogatory term for dominicans. Said when they come to the US from the Dominican Republic they travel on Plantain or Platano Boats.
Robert: Manny ur such a damn platano.
Manny: Yo jus becuz i came from DR dont mean i came here on a platano boat. You Goya Bean.
Robert: Aiight fair enough
by Robert Dobles October 14, 2003
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A derogatory term used to describe newly arrived male Dominicans in NYC from Santo Domingo. The term itself was created by the allready established Dominicans in NYC to put down the newly arrived Dominicans. It was used to distance themselves from the newly arrived Dominicans which they felt were giving them a bad name because of their old world Macho attitude, Drug dealing and Hillbilly style. The word is derived from the Spanish word for Plantain. Which is eaten by most Carribean Latinos, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans.
He's a fukin Platano, He's a dumb Plantano, I'm no fukin Platano!
by fecamacho June 6, 2007
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When anyone says "Platano Power" trust me there Dominican, Platano power is from the Dominican Republic mostly all Dominicans use "Platano Power" mostly Teens, or Adults but it's pretty common, We use it when we are playing online there a Dominican group that says "Platano Power" It may even have a plantain Emoji right next to it, that showing how much we LOVE plantains, we also may say it when we win a game mostly Baseball.
"Loco vamos a jugar un juego, y hagamos un grupo como quieres que se llame? Loco {Platano Power} porque dime somos Dominicanos"

"Yo lets play a game, make a group what should we call it? Yo {Platana Power} cuz tell me.... We are Dominicans."
by Roxi101 January 16, 2018
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