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Multiple forms of money. If I have a fistful of Pounds, a fistful of Euros, and a fistful of Dollars, then I have three monies
I'll send the Dollars, Pounds, and Euros by bank transfer. All three monies will be sent tomorrow.
by thebigthang November 12, 2011
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Monies, plural to the word "Money" despite the fact that the word "Money" is already plural.
John:"Hey man we should go to Taco Bell"

Andrew:" Okay, how much monies do you have??"
by Monies December 25, 2008
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the plural form of money. used when you have more than a penny.
how much monies is that pretzel?
by LeNa. August 25, 2003
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An aesthetically pleasing,physically fit male. a.k.a A man-pony,
monied-pas tense

Comes from the definition of "Pony": referring to an attractive female.

Can be used as a compliment by women in a sexual way or by men in a non-sexual way, but is mainly used as a self title.
"I'm a mony bud."

"Your lookin like a genuine mony today stud."

"Do you think that guy's a mony?....fag"

"Monies know they'll be gettin their dick sucked."

"I'm off gettin monied up at the gym."
by kballs April 15, 2009
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A place in Perth Scotland, were people hang out, drink, smoke weed.
John - Hey coming to the mony today?
Fred - Yeah man, I got some weed.
John - Solid or Grass?
Fred - Solid
John - You suck!
Fred - What?
John - Solid sucks you fag!
Fred - Your a fag man!
John - Il will fucking kill you!
Fred - Fuck you, you aint getting a pass!
John - I don't care man, I have REAL weed!
by Mony dude March 15, 2008
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Monies. The complete and utterly retarded form of currency.

Greg- Hmmm, i'll go to the cash machine and take out twenty monies.
Jack- MONIES!!

Sean-One-one hundredths of a monies. i.e. 1 pence.
by Jack ala Sean ala Greg September 25, 2008
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