A sorry excuse for a gym where obese humans go for the first week of the new year to get a slice of pizza or a bagel. They call themselves the "judgement free zone" but if you lift more than 20 lbs you will be called a lunk and kicked out.
Guy 1: Hey bro do you have any recommendations for where I can get pizza?
Guy 2: Yeah, planet fitness has really good pizza.
by Nameeee January 15, 2018
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A place where obese people can go and work out , eat pizza , and not feel guilty about bragging about going to a gym yet seeing 0 results . This "gym" is basically the Wal Mart of gyms.
"Phew my 10 min walk was pretty intense, good thing there is pizza here at Planet Fitness to replenish my fat and carbohydrates ... "
by GYMrat July 24, 2012
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A place where you can eat pizza, use a leg machine as a bicep curl and a fucking air siren goes of if u accidentaly drop your pen
Planet Fitness, a wounderfull place where everyone can do exercises wrong
by R2tr0 May 19, 2022
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A 'judgement free zone' where beginners or for locals who want to get into exercising. Most equipment is very minimal inorder to save money and to scare off more advanced athletes. People will judge you more in a Planet fitness than most other gyms so would not recommend.
Person 1: You heard about the Planet Fitness that just opened up?
Person 2: Yeah, wouldn't recommend though. Just go to another gym.
by AFG-K August 3, 2021
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A horrible facility that calls itself a gym


There’s no barbells no benches no squat racks

Just shitton of cardio machines and smith machines claims to be a judgment free zone but is the most judging of them all

Has a lunk alarm and has a dress code at the gym tf

Place of zero gains and gives out free pizzas and bagels every month
Dam man I’m gonna go workout wanna come?

Oh yeah what gym you go to?

Planet fitness you?
I go to a REAL gym when’s the last time you made gains
by Weightlifter420 October 28, 2021
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A so-called ‘gym’ that triggers a nuclear bomb threat warning siren if you make a little bit of noise lifting a heavy weight.
Guy 1: Hey bro, let’s get out maximum reps!
Guy 2: Les do dish!
*They both grunt a bit, setting off the lunk alarm, also known as a nuclear threat warning siren.*
by DatOneJoker478 November 26, 2022
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A popular gym franchise where people can workout 24 hours a day seven days a week and also get a free slice of pizza
Chad : Hey Kiersten I got some bad news your going to be our new weekend bitch for A while!
Kiersten : God Damn't Chad what the fuck's wrong with Steve?
Chad : Well he was arrested last night for running around naked and jacking off at Planet Fitness?
Kiersten : Who cares he does that here all the time!
Chad : I do realize that but at Planet Fitness they do not allow that kind of behavior!
Kiersten : Well Fuck I thought they were a judgement free zone!
Chad : I thought so too but I guess when you squirt cum all over there pizza you have drawn the line!
Kiersten : So Steve's in jail and I have to suffer as your weekend bitch!
Chad : Yes but don't expect any free pizza!
Kiersten : Fuck you CHAD I quit! Think i'll apply for a job at Planet Fitness!
Chad : God Damn't I hate that place!
by SlopNChop July 28, 2018
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