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A place where obese people can go and work out , eat pizza , and not feel guilty about bragging about going to a gym yet seeing 0 results . This "gym" is basically the Wal Mart of gyms.
"Phew my 10 min walk was pretty intense, good thing there is pizza here at Planet Fitness to replenish my fat and carbohydrates ... "
by GYMrat July 23, 2012

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A muscular male who is built like a brick shithouse. Someone you get caught mirin.

Synonyms: yoked, jacked, swole, wrecked
Guy 1: "Holy shit look at that guy's arms!"
Guy 2: "Yeah he's a fuckin' meat castle!"
Meat Castle: "You mirin brahh?"
by Gymrat September 09, 2012

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To be completely jacked out of your mind. One of the qualifications of being a certified bad ass.
*Watching Rocky IV* "Damn Stallone is fuckin' wrecked! Fuck you Russia!"
by Gymrat September 10, 2012

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