A world where it's so big we barely fitn'ness in but when it goes in, dam the planets align and all Is right in the world.
Guy: Hey u know how to get to planet fitness?

Girl: yeah, but how big are you?
by Laterdayst May 14, 2015
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A term used to define one who works out but has incredibly weak leg muscles. Typically, equivalent to that of a small child's arm.
Larry fell asleep on the leg press again. I guess that's why he has planet fitness legs.
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planet fitness pants are the skin tight, almost see through latex pants worn by overweight women that work out at planet fitness. these women of course have no business wearing anything that revealing/tight in public but because they're working out (or just came for the free pizza) they feel the urge to show off their flabby, cottage cheese bodies like they are supermodels
damn man, check out the planet fitness pants over there! watching this lady's jelly rolls do cardio is soothing like watching waves crash on the beach.
by mister snugglefcuk August 16, 2011
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