A discreet and hilarious way to talk about anorexia. Linked closely with Plan B, or bulimia
I tried plan A but I needed to have something in my mouth, so I turned to plan B.
by Monty James November 22, 2004
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A: The unfailing manly response to an incoherent active stimuli.
B: Shooting wildly into the jungle after hearing a twig snap.
Man 1: I just heard a noise over there, what should we do?
Man 2: PLAN A!!!!
by mrgablesreality June 02, 2011
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Plan A is the simple act of throwing a brick through someones window and or televison set. This brick must of course be labeled "Plan A" and all bricks thereafter must be labeled according to the plan.
Azool: Yo, this fool be bustin' my balls, ya heard me?
Sin: Word son, so heres what we're gonna do.. We'll Plan A his Window, then Plan B his Television.
by Micro$oft December 13, 2004
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The act of chatting to a hot girl at a bar. In most cirumstances the act will involve asking the girl for oral sex.

Once Plan A fails it is customary to follow up with plans B,C,D and often ending with Plan E. All taking place at the bar or on the dancefloor.
Prangers : See that girl over there?
Buzzup : Boosted! 85!
Prangers : Lets Go Plan A
by Sanch May 08, 2004
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Bro #1: You nail that girl, bro?
Bro #2: Nailed her raw and filled her tank.
Bro #1: So fucking chill, she on the pill?
Bro #2: No.
Bro #1: You take her for some Plan B?
Bro #2: Not really my style. I'll probably wait a few months and then take her in for some Plan A.
by WhatAreYourInterests May 26, 2010
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When you took your plan B prior to indulging in short term sexual activities.
Thot on Saturday night : “Gurllllllllll, plan A tonight! I took plan B in the Uber!”
by HShaw04 October 04, 2017
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business jargon that represents the fact that no one knows what the fuck they are doing
We can't commit to that yet, we need to develop a plan for the plan first.
by FlatGreenBall February 26, 2021
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