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Plan A is the simple act of throwing a brick through someones window and or televison set. This brick must of course be labeled "Plan A" and all bricks thereafter must be labeled according to the plan.
Azool: Yo, this fool be bustin' my balls, ya heard me?
Sin: Word son, so heres what we're gonna do.. We'll Plan A his Window, then Plan B his Television.
by Micro$oft December 13, 2004
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Beer4Dinner is a Mythical X-Box Live player, his skills at X-Box Live is surpassed only by that of his drinking of beers. He is often found slaughtering countless millions on X-Box Live's "Halo 2" and "Counterstrike" If played against you'll be left in awe of his insane kills to deaths ratios.
2.)You were killed by Beer4Dinner - Halo 2
3.)Beer4Dinner (Picture of a Knife) You
by Micro$oft December 12, 2004
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