A Plan B is a pill used after sex to prevent pregnancy
"I Hit her with no condom, made her use a Plan B"
by LilLoominadey May 10, 2017
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hoes that are second options that you want to fuck; common term at OU
Person 1: hey dude how did it go with Hannah?
Person 2: she rejected my ass, i'm on to Plan B
Person 1: who's that?
Person 2: Selena
by TurnM3Up November 07, 2019
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An emergency contraceptive pill (levonorgestrel). When taken within 72 hrs. of sexual intercourse where no other contraceptive was used, or what was used didn't work, Plan B decreases the risk for pregnancy by almost 90%. It's available by prescription, except in California and New Mexico, where it's available OTC. It's different from the abortion pill, which actually causes an early rejection of the embryo, AFTER the woman is already pregnant. Plan B INTERFERES with the process of fertilization, BEFORE it happens. It doesn't protect against STD's though.
Ken: "Oops, babe, I just noticed that the rubber broke..."
Barbie: "Don't worry... I got a supply of Plan B."
by drfvidal May 31, 2006
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1) a 2nd plan in case Plan A doesn't work out

2) a girl that you can call when you can't find any other girls that night.
I couldn't find any bitches, so I'll call Kim she's Plan B.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
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The person, thing, place, or idea that you go to when your first one fails.
A guy you ask out says no to you. Plan B is your closest friend.
by g_dizzle_izzle March 21, 2008
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An acoustic rapper from Londons East End. He spits about real shit and could be UK's strongest hip-hop contender ever. All his songs are backed by acoustic guitar - Plan B is unique.

"Sticks and stones break bones but what I say will leave you feeling dead and buried like you're 6 feet under earth" - Plan B, Who needs actions
by L0r3nz0 October 28, 2006
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A brand of skateboards, made popular by Ryan Sheckler.
I just bought a new Plan B board to replace my shitty flip board.
by banjo007 June 10, 2009
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