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Pregnancy Bangers - The divine natural occurrence when a females breasts swell to epic proportions whilst pregnant.
Lewis was perusing the Daily Mail website when he was stunned by a Kardashian's gargantuan prangers!
by Prangster January 07, 2014
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Pranger or pulling a pranger.....going out of your way both with time and effort just to waste somebody's time with humor.

Also meaning accident prone to others.
she drove 50 miles and just to call me from a payphone so she could fart in the phone, it was so pranger of her.

I always seem to trip over his foot.
by regnarP April 03, 2010
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An extention of the word: 'prang'.

Often used singularly/alone as a one word description of a noun or abstract noun.
Rather than the sentence: "I was prang of bangin that beenie last night, she was butters"

'Prangers' offers a shorter alternative: "that butters beenie last night: Prangers"
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