A hardcore fan of the musician Emilie Autumn. Not to be confused with a Muffin, who is a less active fan of her music.
They can often be found wearing corsets, drinking tea, crafting, or "spreading the Plague" aka advertising Miss Autumn's music to the world.
The also refer to themselves as inmates in "The Asylum"
Emilie Autumn: What time is it, Muffins?
Just normal muffins/fans: ...?
Plague Rats: TEA TIME!
by AsylumInmate December 7, 2009
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An entitled white person who ignores safety precautions and medical advice during a pandemic, spreading disease to everyone they come in contact with. They don't wear face masks or shields, they go shopping while standing too close and they don't wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
My neighbor, Karen, died of covid-19 yesterday. I'm not surprised, that bitch was such a plague rat, her entire family is still in quarantine.
by Hairyrimmer May 14, 2020
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Anyone who does any of the following things during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

-Refuses to wear a mask

-Refuses to social distance

-Sets up parties or other non-essential gatherings during the pandemic

-Calls out or attacks others for following CDC regulations

-Does not cancel any and all travel plans if they test positive

-Refuses to Quarantine if they test positive

-Refuses to get tested if they show flu-like symptoms

-Attempts to undermine the deaths COVID has caused

-Claims that COVID is part of a grand government conspiracy

-Claims that hospitals are faking COVID deaths

-Harasses hospital workers who attempt to treat them who have tested positive (yes, people were doing this)

-Defends any other Plague Rats

-Uses the subreddits r/NoNewNormal, r/conspiracy, or r/CoronavirusCirclejerk unless for trolling purposes

-Compares COVID restrictions to any totalitarian regimes, past or current

-Refuses to take the COVID vaccine

-Tries to make the claim that vaccines are not safe and not effective

-Refuses to work at home if they can

-Claims that COVID restrictions infringe on their constitutional rights
Sane person 1: Wow, look at that stupid Plague Rat refusing to wear a mask!
Plague Rat: iTs oUr pErSoNaL fReEdOoMs yOu sHeEp!!11!
Sane person 2: Wow, you're an idiot
by josiahgaming33 December 28, 2021
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A word that people use to dehumanize their fellow human beings who have the audacity to make their own medical decisions instead of kowtowing to leftist demands.
"Look at that plague rat!"
Bob, that's a child.
Maybe you should spend some time off twitter.
by DarkShadowST September 19, 2021
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A person that takes their information off of Facebook and be's a narcissistic loud attention seeking Low IQ asshole and doesn't wear a mask, wash his or her hands and is anti Vax, while calling every damn sane person "sheeple".
"this bitch ass Karen is such a Plague rat"
by Ethatope August 21, 2020
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A person who brings badness or misfortune to people. Some do it on purpose, but this can also be an opinion someone has of themselves due to lack of good self-esteem.
Every guy she broke up with had his mother kidnapped. She must have been a plague-rat.
by ShutDesFuckUp May 13, 2011
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A person who doesn't wear PPE correctly (if at all) and so puts themselves and others at risk of catching COVID-19. Example: Someone who wears their mask under their nose rather than covering their nose and mouth.
Anna: Hey, your mask needs to go over your nose, too. Otherwise you're more likely to breathe germs in or sneeze them out.
Rick: This is a free country! Don't tell me what to do!
Anna: Wow, OK, plague rat.
by HeidiHyde December 14, 2020
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