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A person obsessed with death, mortality, and end to life basically. That is a common theme in their music, entertainment, and artwork.
Edgar Allen Poe and Holden Caulfield were Deatheater (s)
by ShutDesFuckUp May 13, 2011
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delicious Indian man
supreme intelligence
kickass taste in music
free spirit
the most amazing kid ever
You: "OMG What a fucking stud yo"
Me: "That's Ronu, obvvvvviously"
by ShutDesFuckUp August 1, 2012
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Aloof, self-possessed, and reserved. May seem pretentious, but is actually shy. Her calm demeanor masks her social anxiety. The sexiest thing about her is her mysterious nature, and other sad girls and sad boys will gravitate towards her.
X1: “X2, who are your favorite celebrity sad girls?”

X2: “I thought you’d never ask, X1. My faves are Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Loretta Lynn.”
by ShutDesFuckUp August 5, 2019
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A person who brings badness or misfortune to people. Some do it on purpose, but this can also be an opinion someone has of themselves due to lack of good self-esteem.
Every guy she broke up with had his mother kidnapped. She must have been a plague-rat.
by ShutDesFuckUp May 13, 2011
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1. a golden egg
2. a cute girl who is short, asian, lovable, and misunderstood
3. not an easy fuckbuddy
OMG, Minami Zoey!

I met this sexy chick who is such a Minami Zoey

I am important. Minami Zoey is my sister
Oh my God!
by ShutDesFuckUp January 24, 2010
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