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A classical trained violinist. She works and tours with artists such as Courtney Love (Hole) and Billy Corgan (Smashing pumpkins)and also has a unique solo career. Her music is something like a mixture of baroque, medieval and modern industrial which she defines as "Victoriandustrial" or "violindustrial".
Her debut concept album named Enchant came out in 2003 which featured "Juliet", "Chambermaid", "What if",... Her second "Opheliac" released in 2006 made her worldwide for the unique style of music and fashion. She also has other EPs, singles and runs her own fashion company Willowtech House.
Emilie Autumn is a classical - industrial violinist and vocalist,...
by Lee Nguyen June 04, 2007
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One of the most beautiful and talented singers of our time. She is a brilliant lyricist and genius poet. She has worked with Billy Corgan , Courtney Love , and Otep. Emilie labels her music as "victoriandustrial", by combining classic violins and beautiful harpsichords with heart breaking lyrics. Her hardcore fans are Plague Rats and her regular fans are called Muffins.
Some great songs by Emilie Autumn are "I Know Where You Sleep" "Rose Red" "Dead is the New Alive" and "Let the Record Show".
by Lady Charles May 27, 2010
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Emilie Autumn A Wonderful Singer,Song Writter And Who Has Tryed For Many Year's To Sell Veronica Barlow On Ebay.
She Was Born In The Victorian Asylum For Wayward Girls On March-18th-1844,Gave Birth To Many Plague Rat's And Some Ducks. Has An Obsession With Buying Heart's And Singing To Them For Countless Hour's At A Time,Suffers From Many Mental Illnesses,Such As Capgras Syndrome,Erotophobia,Fear Of Tom Cruise,And Burnt Muffens And Cookies,Wished Since She Was A Child To Be The Next Ru Paul,And Has Longed To Be The Next Playmate Of The Year.In All Good Faith Emilie Is Truely Mad In The Autumn.
Emilie Autumn Dislikes Unmowed Grass.
Emilie Autumn Loves Story Time.
Emilie Autumn And Ebay Are Fun!
Emilie Autumn Gave Birth To The Plague.
by Rogue Valentine February 04, 2010
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A gorgeous violin playing musician, whos genre of music is a creative mix of classical and gothic-industrial. In this day and age, it is very difficult to find a musician that is actually original. She is a breath of fresh air from all the mainstream, cookie-cutter bands of today. I'd say that she does the same things to the violin that Jimi Hendrix did with the guitar.
Person 1: Emilie Autumn makes great music.
Person 2: Plus, I'd totally do her.
by Commie Dearest June 26, 2012
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