An pathetic excuse used by children and feeble minded people for their poor behaviour.
"Would you mind not smoking in here?"
"It's a free country, I can do what I want."
by Dave_3141592 November 7, 2004
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If any of the Americans who say that the USA is the only free country in the world actually left their own country they'd realise they were talking shit...
by wez-1 August 14, 2005
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A free country is where the people are able to elect a leader, however the only problem with that is that the people aren't able to forsee what their leader will do and so end up screwing themselves over.
President George W. Bush of the United States, serving the term 2000-2004.
EG The war on Iraq
by Ahmed January 27, 2004
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A phrase that is used by Americans. Sadly it is no longer true, but to this day the Government forces people believe it is.

Sincerely Signed,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Conspiracy Theorist
"It's a free country!" Johnny to the Government

"No it's not!" The Government to Johnny

"I'll think what I want" Johnny

"You'll think what I tell you." Government

"Ok." Americans to Government
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
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If it was 1790 through the mid 1800s, a free country would mean free if you weren't Indian, black, or female, at least according to the history books (since nobody alive today was alive then to actually witness slavery firsthand). Its not 1790 to the mid 1800s now though.
For a free country, it gets expensive to live here. Free country sounds like bullshit.
by Solid Mantis August 2, 2020
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Concept championed by low IQ individuals, who want to do what they want to do.
She would refuse to wear a mask, spit in the face of the cashier, open the ice cream carton and lick the contents before putting it back, urinate in all the lemonade bottles, carry her gun where'n'when-the-hell she chose, drive 200 miles an hour through the red lights while schoolkids were crossing, and use the salt shaker on your table for target practice, because this is a free country.
by Monkey's Dad May 25, 2020
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If your country is not a free country in a pandemic, it's not really an entirely free country, you're just being told it is a free country by the entity that controls your country.
Telling people they live in a free country is a good way to get them to comply with an agenda and turn them into obedient puppets. Nothing is free, you have to fight to get something. Compromise is a good way to lose who you are and any sense of rights that you have (in reality you have none).
by Solid Mantis October 19, 2020
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