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Something that is a new norm but should have been the norm for many years
Sara: Bitch, you better get away from me, cuz I ain’t trying to throw the social distance card around, but you smell like a dirty ass that was fucked by a homeless guy.
Tiffany: ok, boo, I will remember that when you ask to borrow my lipstick next time
by Butter Mike April 27, 2020
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Disrespect for the need for social distancing, conveyed by inadequate intervals.
Nobody was dying, the so-called 'virus' was elite liberal propaganda, and to show his feeling about social dis-tance he was marching shoulder-to-shoulder with other "Reopen America" geniuses, waving swastikas and Trump banners, blocking ambulances, breathing in each others' faces.
by Monkey's Dad April 20, 2020
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