Colored sugar powder sold by Willy Wonka in thin paper tubes. When ingested, it quickly produces an intense sugar high, and so is sometimes called "cocaine for kids."
I once ate 25 Pixy Stix in under a minute. My hands were still shaking an hour later.
by Stephanie M. December 29, 2003
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Pixy Stix are for kids who cant afford crack.
by wess October 18, 2004
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More or less pure sugar thats somewhat flavored and sold in a plastic tube. Add a yard-long thing of this stuff to a Monster and get the fuck outta the way!!!

Also, do not mistake as coke, very very painful and can cause severe bleeding. Don't be "cool" and try it cause it ain't fun when your buddies are so high that they can't remember how to dial 9-1-FUCKING-1.
What will happen if you consume a yard-long Pixy Stix too fast:

"I am cornholio!!"
by Sid Barrett July 06, 2007
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when you snort pixy stix like a line of cocaine. very entertaining while still legal. there should be pixy stix whores. pimps wouldnt make enough dough though. fun for sleepovers with friends.
pour pixy stix out on to surface and snort its that simple. CAUTION: burns slightly and leaves a tingly sensation in nostril. you will sneeze after and it will probly come out colored. "bro i was snorting pixy stix last night and i sneezed orange!!!!" :O
by hockeyloverrr December 29, 2010
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The act of putting the 'Pixy Stix' flavored sugar on ones body and having it licked off by another person
Man 1: "Does she like to try new stuff?"
Man 2: "Yeah, we did Pixy Stix oral last night"
by Rastamoshi September 05, 2010
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A candy that is flavored sugar

The flavors are red/cherry blue/maui punch purple/grape and orange
by Pixystixdealer April 20, 2019
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