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When a man kneels between a woman's open legs, makes a pistol shape with both hands, and proceeds to rapidly jackhammer her pussy with the tightly clasped hands. Once mastered, a true pistoler will reap rewards by stimulating the clitoris with the repetitive and frantic 'cocking' of the pistol with his powerful thumbs.

Note: The pistol can be single, double, triple or even quadruple-barreled depending on the level of pussy gapage.
Bro 1: "Dude, you're walking kinda' funny, is something up with your back?"

Bro 2: "Yeah man, it's killing me, I was hunched over some slut's pussy pistoling her all last night"

Bro 1: "Loose times player, drinks on me tonight"


Girl 1: "How's your pussy this morning?"

Girl 2: "It's a complete mess, that's the last time I let some random guy quadruple-barreled pistol me!"
by snaildude December 16, 2010
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A person's ability to consistently kill with a Handgun.
Someone's skill with a handgun.
Using a handgun in battle.
Random Noob: You are garbage, you are only pistoling me.
Leet Player: Still can't hit a thing with those rockets huh?
by EvilLilElmo April 23, 2006
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