To start peeing full-blast without removing your pants and/or underpants. Results in soaked clothing.
Larry: Ahhhhh!
Joe: Man what the ****! Did you just piss yourself?
Larry: Uhhhh, yeah?
by UrbanLegend1234 March 21, 2010
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To completely embarass yourself by making stupid mistakes which you shouldn't be doing in the first place.
Mike: What happened!?

John: I accidentally gave the ball away to the opponent,sorry for that

Mike: Come on! Stop pissing yourself!
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umm nationla piss urself day is every november 27th and 28th and it when you pee yourslef violently for the entire day
cart: did you know that today is national piss yourself day?
pee: no
cart: kys :3 *pees self
by towignw5imgkmrfldmk rptn November 28, 2021
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Byron: I'm going out with Deavonee.
Jonny: Oh piss on yourself.
Byron: She's the hottest girl in 6th grade.
Byron: You wanna fight?
Jonny:*Kills Byron*
by ?? February 1, 2003
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An expression, commonly used in a negative way in order to tell someone to go fuck off. It can also be used in a "you know what?" kind of manor, as an exclamation or frustration. It has the added benefit of insulting how the recipient spends his free time, and is synonymous with "you just sit on your ass all day"
Bill: "Hey, you wanna hang out today?"

Jon: "Nah I'd rather just stay home and watch a movie."

Bill: "Fine then, you can just sit there, pissing and shitting yourself all day."

Fred: "Hey, we're gonna play some basketball, wanna come?"

Joe: "I just had a really bad break up, I'd rather be alone."

Fred: "Well you can just sit at home, pissing and shitting yourself while we have fun ya douche."
by jcer1 July 1, 2013
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