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1.)Fuck it
2.)Dont do somthing
3.)A fun word to say
1.) Man screw it, im not doing homework.
2.)Sleep??!!,Screw it.
3.)Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!! (hehe)
by ?? January 31, 2003

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Only one of the nicest cities in the whole world
Visit Argentina!!
by ?? April 20, 2004

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somthing santa says when he is doing three hoes at once
Hohoho! Oooooo that feels nice.
by ?? February 01, 2003

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guys that pretend to like girls, but are actually gay to help their image. Guys in a band that have sex with each other
boy bands are gay
by ?? July 10, 2003

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someone who is very insightful, intelligent, emotional, talented, and true....someone who likes real music
linkin park rules
by ?? July 03, 2004

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Slang for "im going to shoot you"
Byron: Your gay
Jonny: I will bust a cap in yo ass.
Byron: Try it.
Jonny:*Grabs Shotgun* Are you sure?
Byron: Yeah
Jonny: *Shoots Byron*
by ?? January 31, 2003

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A game in which a joint is made then passed around in a circle of people everytime a person takes a smoke of the joint they must say "Puff puff pass" if they fail to say this or get knocked out or cough while saying it that person is eliminated. You keep going around intill the last person is standing therefore they get the "pot" It cost $5 to enter a puff puff pass game.
Hey Bob lets get together and play PUFF PUFF PASS.
by ?? January 31, 2003

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