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term used by finnish drag queens in the early 19th century for cocaine laced marijuana cigarettes.
also: a toothbrush that has been dipped in reptile feces..
doris nearly passed out when she took of the tom reed some queen passed her at the party.
by ?? December 15, 2004
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To have one or both testicles adhere to the side of your leg.
After I worked up a good sweat, I had a serious squaggin problem.
by ?? October 31, 2004
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the coolest girl ever... she can dance like a mo fo in church!!!! ahhh shes the shit
sydney allen is the shit
by ?? March 27, 2005
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someone who is very insightful, intelligent, emotional, talented, and true....someone who likes real music
by ?? July 3, 2004
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extremely wicked
used to intensify the expression of wicked as an adjective
You are nefarious cool.
by ?? June 17, 2004
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A mongo is a woman with a hideous body but nice face.
A beefhead is the opposite, being blessed with the body of a supermodel, but the features of a disabled gorilla after a particularly nasty car crash in which the airbag failed to deploy.
A combination of the two, mongo beefhead, is obvious.
Beefheads are the worst, because they can look nice from the back. Which can prove embarassing should you point her out to your friends, only for them to laugh when she turns round and they see her deformed visage.

See also Tip Drill
"Dude, check her out."
"Eww no way, definite beefhead. Only if she puts a bag over her head"
by ?? March 23, 2004
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nav hayre
by ?? March 13, 2003
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