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word for breed between comical and theatrical, emo-dramatic. Made up by immigrant kids who feel they lack english and add endings to modify words.
"didyou see the last episode? They played their feelings so cinemical!"
by ?? April 3, 2005
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A person who talks a lot of shit...speaks Clitus
by ?? February 6, 2003
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1.)Fuck it
2.)Dont do somthing
3.)A fun word to say
1.) Man screw it, im not doing homework.
2.)Sleep??!!,Screw it.
3.)Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!! (hehe)
by ?? February 1, 2003
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somthing you say on aim when you are flicking sombody off
jonny: vv^vv
by ?? February 2, 2003
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mi beautifull sexc buff boom ting
es changd ma life round we dnt gt as much time as we wnt 2 alone tho so evrytime we do its special
bredrin1''yo i hear she still all luvd up wit cal''
bredrin2'' yup nd es da same''
by ?? May 22, 2004
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= oh my god! its short term! which like every1 nos! so y would u wanna look it up??? REATARDS!!!!!
' omg i cant belive ppl dont no wot it means '
by ?? August 11, 2004
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