- Spelling mistake (it should be called piece of shit)
- When a shit takes a piss
u fucking piss of shit
by snfbse9f8isebf May 14, 2010
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When you are so mad/angry that it can be compared to shit.
"I was pissed as shit when that drunken man spilled his beer all over my shirt."

by Shaniqua988 February 22, 2009
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Dude One: "Theres a turd in the toilet and it won't flush damn thing is out of order!!"

Dude Two: "Well just piss on shit!"
by Quentin_B December 10, 2006
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After having way too much anal sex, the tissue between the inside of the intestines and vagina wears away. This causes interesting problems when a female urinates.

Also, may be used to describe horrible diarrhea that is 100% liquid.
That nasty anal porn star will piss a shit everytime she tries to pee.
by redyouch April 26, 2006
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when you got go to the tiolet and it comes out both ways and blends together in a creamy mixture
yo man i just saw joe piss in shit
by MasturbatorMike December 20, 2009
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