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When excrement takes on a liquid form and is violently sprayed from the rectum.
"Man, I just did a piss shit"
by aregee December 2, 2006
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When you've had a heavy night and the first thing in the morning (or several times in the morning) you regret it.
OMG i've just had the craziest piss shit in my life, pissing through your arse isn't pleasant.
by cmts October 2, 2009
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1) when you are urinating after defecating, and you proceed to defecate small, jelly-bean shaped waste from your anus. 2) a way of humorously describing a reaction to something that is really bad, or something that you wish to exaggerate. 3) a massive watery diarrhea burst.
1) When I got the piss shits last night while sitting on the bowl, I got piss water in my ass. 2) I got so freaked out by that dude jumping out from behind the wall, I got the piss shits. 3) I ate at White Castle last night and got a severe case of piss shits.
by Mills Fokk August 2, 2009
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My wife said its when you have the runs so bad she pisses out of both holes.
I just got back from the bathroom piss shitting I am so sick.
by Forest89 October 5, 2017
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"It must've hurt when your mum piss shit you out" -said to Adam Woodhall circa 2005
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
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1. A shit that only takes as long as an average piss
2. Diariah
Jerry in class: Hey man I'm going to the bathroom
**comes back to class**
Jim: wow that was quick!

Jerry: I just dropped a piss shit ;)
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a phrase used when one is nervous and/or scared. usually used when you cant think of anything strong enough to express your nervousness
Fuck, I forgot to study for finals! Man, I'm pissing shit
by randieMykehawk October 10, 2010
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