Stealing music and other media online from places like Demonoid and PirateBay.
"Hey, where did you find the money to get Final Cut Pro?"

"Oh, no. I just used a pirating site to get it."
by Rusty the Awesome January 01, 2010
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The best and worst thing. For us, it's the BEST thing; for the people that made it, it's the WORST thing.
Pirating is when you download a game, movie, music, porn, etc. for free (illegally) and basically is claimed to be "stealing". But if you actually robbed a DVD out of a store, it ain't there anymore because it's with you. But if you pirated a DVD, it's still gonna be there AND on your computer.

For me, pirating is the best thing if you are:
1) Too lazy to get a part-time job as a teen
2) Broke as hell
3) Never in a mood to buy a movie
Mordecai: Dude, why are you pirating that movie? It just came out.
Rigby: Because, why buy it, if you can get for FREEEEE?
by DarkspineSilver1 December 31, 2014
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Pirating is the action of drinking straight from the bottle or two-liter when you would normally get a cup for the drink.
Person 1: "Hey, I want some soda. What do you have?"
Person 2: "All I have is a two-liter of coke. I don't have any cups."
Person 1: "That's ok, I'll just pirate it. Thanks, man."

Person 1: "You want a drink of his orange juice?"
Person 2: "Not from that jug. I saw him pirating it earlier!"

Person 1: "Hey man, I was thirsty so I looked in your fridge and found some juice but I can't find any cups. What's up with that?"
Person 2: "Oh, cups are for wimps, dude. I'm a pirate."
by Kleinfeltersville December 01, 2011
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In Argentina, the word is used to describe the act of picking up women at a bar, especially with reckless abandon for their feelings or any sort of long-term relationship concerns. The term pirate is used to describe such a person.
Adam: You want to trick girls into sleeping with you tonight by buying them drinks and whispering sweet nothings into their ears, and maybe forcing your finger into their vagina on the dance floor?

Chris: Sure, I am up for some pirating tonight.
by Veritas Eruditio December 12, 2006
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A sexual act, where the female (or presumably male) is slapped first lightly, then slightly harder, during sex. This is usually done from behind, although frontal pirating can occur.

The name comes from the source material, Pirates XXX and Pirates XXX 2.
Did you watch Pirates last night?

Yeah, dude. Did you see that pirating scene? He slapped her titties good!
by "Devil Dick Willy" April 20, 2009
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The act of illegally downloading a piece of media (usually games) from the internet for free, when the media costs money. This does not include getting gifts from someone.
Alexandra: Dude, I want Fallout 4 sooooo bad, but I'm fucking broke.
Chelsea: Just pirate it, I'll send you a link.
Alexandra: Pirating?

Chelsea: Basically getting stuff for free without paying for it.
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by Almapie July 27, 2018
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