The most badass category of humans to ever walk the face of the earth. Pirates don't give a fat shit about anything, don't listen to any type of authority, get shit faced 24/7 off rum, and spend their lives kicking ass and sailing around on a giant ass ship. Instead of just executing traitors like a sensible human, pirates used to tie them to their mobile ass kicking platform (ship) and throw them overboard to drag them around the ocean where they would slap against the side of the ship and get fucked up by all the barnacles on the side. Is that not the most savage thing you've ever heard?

Numerous studies by credible scientific journals have also came to a net conclusion in the past years that if you don't think pirates are the coolest you're probably a huge pussy.

"Wow urban dictionary poster, Pirates sound fucking cool. It sucks they only existed in the 18th century."

My friend. Anybody can become a pirate if they just believe. That and if they exhibit fine pirate traits such as not giving a dogs ass about anything, taking whatever they want whenever they want, and exclaiming badass phrases like "AARRR" when about to do something reckless like punching your boss in the face or going on to the Disney channel website without your parents permission. Notable modern pirates include Chris Pontius, Stephen Colbert, Sid from toy story, and of course the father of the modern pirate, Bill Clinton.

"Pirate" can also be used as an adjective. See below for examples.
"Hey did you hear that Jake took a shit on his supervisors desk after he got fired?"

"Wow that's pirate as fuck"
by PirateCaptain January 24, 2015
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A guy who drives a ship and yells "yo dude gimme your money and stuff" and gets whatever he wants. Usually has a stash or rum for some reason.
Bill: Dude did you see that one movie with the pirate?
Dale: Yeah, he looked like the alcoholic dude that lives down the block.
by AsheIsALoser1 November 10, 2018
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term used to describe someone who plays by their own rules and doesnt abide to common logic or convention. Is a shortened version of pirate for the modern day.
that was classic pirat behaviour, organising the tickets for the playground weekender and then jibbing out of it.

That was vintage pirat, his mate invites a girlfriend down for the weekend and she then spends the night and next day with pirat.
by Dukeface February 18, 2010
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if something is pirated, it means it has been stolen. it doesnt necessarily have to be a movie or peice of software, in fact, physical object can also be pirated
"my car was pirated last night"
by Original Plankster May 05, 2007
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The act of pirating the high (and low) seas. Also can be applied to the act of pirating interstate highways.

Not to be confused with piracy, which is merely stealing music from already-rich musicians, who really shouldn't get their panties in a bundle because someone downloaded one of their songs to see if they actually wanted to buy their crappy music.
To increase their bank accounts, Christian, Evan, and Michael were forced to result to interstate piratism in order to better-fuel their thirst for exotic cars.
by Interstate Pirates Inc. January 11, 2006
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