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To be turned.

A term crated by migos.
Yo I went to that party and it was piped up.
by Stone219 September 28, 2015
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When one's arms are particularly large; the muscular state of one's arms after a workout....Derived from the word "pipes", referring to the arms.
Sean: "Shiiiiit, I gotta wrestle Dan next week in the sectionals."
Max: "No easy task there, dude. Saw him last week. I don't know if he'd just come from the gym or what, but that mofo was all piped up."
by stockman09 August 16, 2007
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When you’re so piped up, you’re just piped up, you can’t be piped down. Just gotta go with the flow and pipe it up!
Hey there bud, you ready to pipe it up tonight?

Buddy, I’m already piped up there bud
by Urmothersboxbanger December 05, 2017
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