A boss phrase meaning someone has ticked you off so you’re going to escalate the situation.

Popularised by 50 Cent’s Instagram posts and the show “Power”.
“Yo man, remember that tenner I lent you last week”
“What tenner?”
“Tyrone, get the strap

“Ahhh okay I remember now”
by Dimensionalize April 9, 2018
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Phrase conied by 50 cent To be used Jokingly or serious Strap to used be when catching an L in life
Guy 1: My baby mommas boyfriend beat my ass infront of my kids

Guy 2: Oh fuk no get the strap my nigga
by Goosebumpss May 1, 2018
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Something people say when you piss them off and want to do damage to you usually with a gun.
Him: Sorry sir we ran out of fries.

You to your friend: Get the strap
by Callmedaddyplz April 14, 2018
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A common hashtag of 50 Cent(the phrase originated from 50 Cent's female co-worker for Power), usually used to make fun of someone or poke fun at a situation.
6ix9ine out here wearing coats with sparkles on it now? 🤔 #GetTheStrap. get the strap
by PPButtHead September 24, 2018
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can be said at the end of a sentence to make you sound more confident

Created by Jack Walter and 50 Cent
Eminem is the best rapper, get tha strap 🤨💫💯💰💪🔥🔫‼️
by shfjdshjrksn April 15, 2019
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Get out of my face or drop it. Just leave me alone stop nagging me!!!
Person 23: i can not tell u enough but you really need to get off my stinkin couch and go get a job before i get back from school today or else.
Person 28: ahhh... I will dude i just need to recover from being sick get off my jock strap!
by Al nordin August 29, 2011
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