Get the strap , up your heat, gatted up, same meaning
“Tell these fuck niggas I said vool me up, pipe up
by MurkAm1 November 12, 2018
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Getting stronger and more successful, particularly on your own with no help from anybody else.
"You really piping up on these niggas"
by preach414 April 13, 2018
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To be turned.

A term crated by migos.
Yo I went to that party and it was piped up.
by Stone219 August 19, 2015
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When one's arms are particularly large; the muscular state of one's arms after a workout....Derived from the word "pipes", referring to the arms.
Sean: "Shiiiiit, I gotta wrestle Dan next week in the sectionals."
Max: "No easy task there, dude. Saw him last week. I don't know if he'd just come from the gym or what, but that mofo was all piped up."
by stockman09 August 16, 2007
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the action of taking a foreign substance, that causes a change in a person's consciousness or normal body action, in an excess or large amount. (i.e., caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, any illicit drug)
1: Hey bro I got some drugs, we're about to pipe up.
2. I'm about to pipe up starbucks, want anything?
3. I'm so tired, lets pipe up some adderall.
4. Damn I am very piped up, I drank so much beer
by D-Man89 December 4, 2016
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To have a penis enter ones body
Carol- "Becky are you going to Ryan's house later?"
Becky- "Yes, I can't wait to get piped up!"
by tbrum October 15, 2019
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