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When you wake up with pinkeye and then you remember you ate booty last night.
“Why are your eyes all red?”

“I pinked-out last night”
by Blackbitchesdontlie January 28, 2018
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When a female purchases a sweet, newer model car and puts stupid pink colored accents (even worse when it's pink camp) all over it from the rims, door handles, seat covers, trim (interior/exterior) steering wheel cover, etc just so that anyone from the outside knows a chick drives that car....It looks stupid and completely ruins a perfectly good car. No self respecting female would intentionally pink out their car.
Did you see that grey challenger with pink accents? It was all pinked out. Ugly ass pink rims and pink racing stripes. Looks dumb as hell.

Betsy just bought a brand new Escalade and pinked it out. Now it looks ridiculous.
by RealityCheck! January 25, 2015
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