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Great movie

also see Pink Velvet 2
I watched Pink Velvet last night, it roxx0rs!
by EvilMercury April 30, 2005
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Slang for what pussy looks like. Used in response to hearing something nerdy or dorky, to imply they don’t know what pussy looks like.
You: sometimes I like to say Alohamura before an elevator door opens.
Friend: actually it’s pronounced Alohomora and it doesn’t open doors, it just unlocks them.
You: pink velvet.
by King of the Mod Wolves December 17, 2019
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Colloquial term for A Vagina, The woman's Female Sexual Organ.
Samuel slowly and sensually slid his large manhood into Suzie's Swollen, eager pink velvet sausage wallet
by 97BlackSE (Kyle) February 22, 2005
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So, I was in the vinegar strokes with the village cockwash, really sticking it to her pink, velvet sausage-wallet, when some quumfer of a pod-nodger hailed me on the telephone!
by Avery December 24, 2003
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ah man that chick had a pink velvet sausage wallet like ive never seen.
by ben wood March 10, 2005
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