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A small town of 13,829 (census 2000) north of Alexandria, where most drugs are trafficked from in LA, and where England Air Force Base is located.
I grew up in Pineville, not Alexandria.
by Constance ♥ January 21, 2009
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Located in Louisiana, it is one of the worst cities in America to live in if you have any hope for a decent future. 3/4 of the jobs are minimum wage, where all the roads are bumpy, nothing to do, and where its city officials would rather build another Walmart in an area already sorely congested by traffic, than a movie theater (it has none). It is also a well known drug area in Louisiana, which makes sense because most people have to get on drugs to escape the overwhelming boredom that comes with living here.
If you live in Pineville, may God have mercy on your soul, because it will take mercy to get out of that town.
by Pineville October 23, 2014
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Hick ass town in North Carolina, where all the rednecks go to live and work. The detwilers own it and everyone
Hey yallll, are yall comin' to the fall fest in pineville

Hey joe, comn eat your fixins in pineville
by Namabruh November 03, 2007
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