A Southern (USA) word for the supplemental food, dishes, ingredients, and accompaniments to whatever you are eating, cooking, or serving.

A hamburger can have fixins (tomatoes, pickles, ketchup), barbecued meat can have fixins (baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad), and even fixins can have fixins (baked beans made with added bacon, toppings for a baked potato).
For Thanksgiving dinner we had turkey with all the fixins--cranberry sauce, green beans, wild rice, sweet potatoes.

I'll have the fajita burrito with all the fixins like grilled onions, green peppers, sour cream, cheese.

What fixins would you like with your burger, hon?

I like all the fixins with my Chinese food--wonton soup, egg roll, lots of rice with the dish, and a fortune cookie at the end.
by GreenShine5 June 29, 2011
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Fixins is southern talk for fixings. Often refered to adding everything possible on a food item.
That them there tacos are good with all them fixins ain't that right?
by Kojiro Densetsu April 27, 2006
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vernacular peculiar to the the southern US, means one is about to do something or it is in the process of being done.
I'm fixin to whoop yo skanky butt, however I must first wax poetic.
by matt d patterson August 11, 2006
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Getting ready to (do something). Pronounced "fixin ta" or when contracted further "finna". There are phonemes not used in standard American English in these pronunciations so these translations are not completely accurate. Often thought to be limited to Southern white speakers (fixin' to) or African American speakers (finna) the phrase has made it into Standard American speech as "fixing to".
I fixin' to hit you. I'm fixin' to go shopping.

I finna hit you. I finna go shopping.
by languagedog March 2, 2021
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About to, or getting ready to. Contrary to popular belief this phrase is not used only in the south, althought it is greatly used there.
I'm fixin to go to the store.
by DTwnBreezi January 14, 2007
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