Two options, You either do it or you die.
1: yo dun, its a do or die mission, blast the herb on Queens Blvd or i'll blast you with the kid.

2: I rep NYC, its do or die, so ya'll been warned.
by RtotheIK September 28, 2010
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A Gangsta Rap trio from Chicago, IL. The trio's hit song Po Pimp sold 3 million albums launching Chicago's Hip-Hop movement.
Yo nigga, u eva herd of Do or Die? They is tha most ballinst shit eva!
by HonziPonzi April 10, 2007
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the action of doing the death
*ringing phone* hey josh, how are you? not good, bob, my sister is going to do the die soon.
by doomsword6 June 23, 2018
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To perform an activity that may be considered to be dangerous.
"Yo, Sylvester, get me the mayonnaise."



"Woah dude. No need to do a die hard."
by jockerty July 18, 2019
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a sentence used by a little rat named maki, i hate maki she should have died.. not kokichi.. anyways... this is a sentence popularized by the danganronpa fandom so uh yeh 👁👄👁
by April 03, 2021
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