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pimpology refers to the state of the art of understanding the female psyche to the point of being able to "pimp" them, and that the man ( or woman ) with the ability to control and manipulate a woman through her choice of prostitution is one who has a degree in pimpology.

The philology and etymology of the psychology of pimpology, which more often than not is a soliloquy between the supposed pimpologist and their idealized personality:
This phrase references a time when blacks and others in America were denied formal education and thusly making money was hard scrabble, yet a form of higher learning in its own right, yet working class and poor cultures are seldom afforded degrees or honors of any kind, and thus the word pimp added to ology makes the word pimpology, as a counterbalance to the formal education degrees and studies of " psychology" or "entymology", or "biology" , etc.
When explaining the pedigree of ones pimpology the old school code was to tell where one is from by noting in explanation where one got ones degree, which was a signifier of social status, and also the depth of ones pimp studies:
i.e. if one got their pimpology from somewhere in George Bush's Texas,or Dubuque, Iowa, it was a bogus degree, because the ignorance and racism that permeates that culture does not allow for a deep understanding of women, whereas if one got their degree in Chicago Illinois like Flood did, then it is a highly prized degree, because the windy city is a fertile and competitive training ground for hard knocks, and serious pimpology.
" Man you really macked the shit out of that bitch, she gave you some mad cash! Where did you get your degree?"
" I got my degree in pimpology at the University of Chicago."
by taoteqingren November 04, 2005
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( noun) a person, usually a man, who has devoted extensive time and effort in the bedrooms/motel rooms/apartment dwellings /wayside drinking fountains/parkbenches/backseat of '70 Chevelles/Greyhound busterminals;coaches/airplane flights/beach blankets/local bars/cars/school gyms/bushes/gas station rest rooms/city parks/ lakes/ etc.
getting some ass, so mauch ass in fact that he has become a 10th degree expert ass getter and high exalted ass expert skilled in the ways and means of: attaining ass, pleasing ass, performing stunts with and for ass, complimenting ass ad nauseaeum, flattering for ass, conning that ass, grabbin' up on that ass, feelin' around that ass, skyydiving, muff diving, sheet parasailing and deep dish diving for that ass, as well as a host of other stunts and tricks and manipulations employed to basically Get That Ass, in any way that that ass needs to be got, consensually of course, and with respect for , to , and by that ass in return.
" Man I am a regular bootyologist, with a phd in pimpology and and MD in ass 101."
" Dude, your pimpology is lame. You need to study hareder if you wannabe a bootyologist like me. Just watch this, and I'll school ya. Not...."
by taoteqingren November 04, 2005
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(noun)originally, a womans sexual flesh;
in Chinese and in dual Chinese-American culture, "tofu" refers to the flesh, particularly the sexual flesh;
in modern use, it is used by a man or a woman when one of them physically attempts to 'get some skin';
is a playful sexual term ; the Chinese and Chinese American version of "get some ass", or "cop a feel".
Man and a woman physically cloese, on a date or s/th, the man subtly tries to get his hand on the womans breast: the woman in this situation says playfully " Hey! Are you trying to eat my tofu?!"
In Chinese the expression is " Ni xiang chi wo tofu ma?!"
by taoteqingren December 16, 2007
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(Adj) Refers to a young person, usually a female, but can be either gender. Has implications of sexuality and feminine body musk as well.
Etymology: Derives from the meaning that children wear diapers, thus they are"stinky butts".
as in "You don't know nothin' your just a lil' stinkybutt",
or "You're hittin' that? She ain't nothin' but a lil' stinkybutt!"
by taoteqingren October 25, 2005
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( noun) a person who seeks to have sex/relationships with primarily asian women.
" Dude, why do you always go after asian chicks, you some kind of asianologist?"
by taoteqingren November 04, 2005
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a woman who finds emotional intimacy difficult beyond words, and more particularly, beyond actions, particularly sexual actions, yet who often engages in ungratifying sex despite herself, wishing that the men she is having sex with were more "sensitive, and caring", or knowledgeable about her sexual desires, like her mother, who trained her in.This dark figure, often melancholic or 'dark' in nature is often a repressed lesbian, a.k.a. Sylvia Plath
" Dude don't worry about losing her, she is a headcase, a real repressed virgin. Send her back to mommy for more sex training and move on."
by taoteqingren November 04, 2005
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(adj.) used to describe young people, particularly female, but can be used to describe both genders.Takes on sexual connotations when regarding teenagers and early twenties adults.
Etymology: derives from the diaper changing language and behaviors of women to describe babies and babies anatomy.
" Hey what are you doin'messin'with that girl/boy? She's too young for you,she's just a lil' stinky butt"
"You don't know anything; you're just a little stinkybutt
by taoteqingren October 25, 2005
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