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A disturbing, yet illuminating book by the notorious pimp Dazzle Razzle.
Hank: How to be a Motherfucking Pimp gave me nightmares
Joe: But you did learn how to pimp like a motherfucker
Hank: Indeed. And for this I am eternally grateful to Dazzle Razzle. God bless that motherfucking pimp
pimp dazzle razzle hoes game iceberg slim fuck nigga
by Da pterodactyl May 12, 2016
Jane: Now that shit is pimp. How the fuck?
Dick: Ain't that the truth. Pimpin ain't easy.

ho prophet visionary iceberg slim dazzle razzle
by Da pterodactyl May 12, 2016
A varying term. There is a layman sense, and then there is the Dazzle Razzle sense. This is something that moves beyond the pimp-ho-trick triad and tests one's patience and sanity. It is all tiddily encapsulated in the seminal book How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp
Slick Mack: Bitch, do you know anything about pimpology
Super ho: Yeah, it's what holds us bitches down
Slick Mack: Bitch, you are right, but you don't know why. Read Dazzle Razzle
by Da pterodactyl May 17, 2018