a preview of what a show is to become, sort of a pre-season episode that may be given to the network to see whether they like a show or not
Did you see the South Park pilot??? It was the same thing as the first episode - Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, except the animation sucked a lot more...
by nirvana4lf April 10, 2005
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Bus driver of the air. Generally fresh from a Motel 6 sleepover with a 50-something widebody stewardess.
We had a great pilot on our UA flight 634 from Seattle. He crashed the plane a slight bit on landing, but at least he didn't interrupt our movie telling us about it.
by fucwad June 25, 2005
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This word arises from the infamous meme of a pakistani child saying he wants to be a pilot. So what is a pilot?
A pilot is a person who knows the truth, who understands the truth, whose able to handle world affairs by knowing the truth. Once he knows, he is now in the driving seat; he's a pilot.

The characteristics of a pilot is someone who never gets emotionally aroused and if he does, he quickly recognises it and is able to control himself, by knowing what the truth is. They also don't lie, they have integrity and most importantly eventhough they know the truth, they treat everyone with respect until that person is not worthy of it.

Becoming a pilot should be every man's purpose, first they must find the truth or secret and then develop the aforementined traits. The fact is it's very difficult to become a pilot without knowing the truth.
Pilot can be defined by: When I look into his eyes, I see very clearly he can see through all the bullshit, yet is able to assert himself in a manner that is respectful, virtuous and dominant. He doesn't get emotionally charged, he has a very stable core/centre. He thinks with intellect rather than emotion. The gateway to the start of a beautiful journey.
by TruthSealed September 23, 2020
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The equivalent of a bus driver in the sky, who earns a much higher salary because of the apparently higher risk of their passengers not reaching their destination safely.
Just as a stewardess is an overpaid waitress, a pilot is an overpaid coach driver.
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by MathPlus January 17, 2019
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An underpaid, underappreciated, and overconfident individual who has the inability to spell and write proficiently. Any person (regardless of intelligence level) can be a pilot, as long as he/she possesses good memorization skills and good hand-eye coordination. Individual spends thousands of dollars on flight training and university costs to achieve the life of: airline bankruptcies and furloughs, pay reductions, the potential loss of their medical certificates leading to the loss of a job/financial income, significant debt, lack of employment, and consistent scrutiny from the media and comedy figures. Usually retires overweight and dies early. Also see: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Riddle Vision.
"Hey baby, I'm a pilot... wanna make out?"
by Flight Team [mofo] December 27, 2004
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Former Major League Baseball team from Seattle. Bought by Bud Selig a few weeks before the 1970 season and moved to Milwaukee. Seattle has never forgiven him since.
The Pilots were decent.
by Jim Bouton #56 January 01, 2005
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