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going pilot to co-pilot is the act of crapping in the stall next to a friend. also known as synchronized plopping. originated from the back-woods of Philmont,

Variations include going pilot to bombardier

Terms to know before going Pilot to co-pilot:
Flight Stick- when entering into an outhouse of some sort, this is the stick that the pilot must carry to rid himself of any unsuspecting "friendly" spiders that await in the toilet

Hiroshima- an awkward and yet slightly satisfying splash-back from your atomic bomb

Ace- someone that releases their "bomb" with such precision that they have no need to wipe, for it wiped itself on the way out.

Half-Ace -not quite an ace... but still refuses to wipe.
guy :"oh man I have to crap so bad!"
friend :"so do I!"
guy : "lets go pilot to co-pilot. I'm earning my ace"
by Blincoe October 28, 2008
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Same as Pilot to co-pilot but instead of being placed adjacent to each other the 2 toilets are placed facing away from each other while sharing the same back rest.
guy "hey i was thinking about taking our relationship to the next level.."
friend "are you sure about this? going pilot to bombardier is a big commitment"
guy "yea im sure"
by Blincoe October 28, 2008
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